Prompt: Why do you feel you must incorporate a feminine line of thinking within your life?

Perhaps it’s not that I must incorporate the feminine within my life. It’s simply that the feminine IS in my life. It’s not something from the outside. The muse is within. It’s a matter of discovering her, unveiling her beauty, creating space for her inspiration. The muse is the breath of life sought out by all creative people. At times we get lost believing the muse is to be found in a woman, or a man, or nature, which is true to an extent; inspiration can be found in others. But to rely on another is a dangerous path.The inner woman, the inner divine, is elusive, she may even scare you to death. 

Look at Medusa, she’ll stone you with her stare. Hear the Sirens, they’ll lure you into oblivion.

As a man, it’s important to establish a balance. It’s necessary to find a solid footing in brotherhood and camaraderie, but also necessary to be open, flowing, and receptive to the woman who sits behind the veil. If we are diligent (and lucky) she will whisper her secrets, she will give us a glimpse of the mystery she holds so dearly.

Once we have a peek at the world borne within, it is our job to take the inspiration and treat it like the breath, delicately, to craft the word, our dreams, with care. We are not brute cave men running around clubbing the garden into existence. We, who hang in the balance, understand the feminine is inherent, and we must walk the line with confidence and patience to express ourselves with fullness.

Most of our lives are spent seeking the answers on the outside. Go within. Tap into the feminine. It’s only natural. Don’t you see? We come from the ocean and return to the sea.