At what point do we take back our language? If we are continually reacting when does that leave time to create a new world?

…So Many Voices

I understand well
that borders & boundaries exist
that rules run the system
and bastards sit atop capitol hill

Politics are all over the place
left some, right some
All degrees of the spectrum

I read the news daily &
it makes me an emotional mess
confused, hopeless, angry
sad, restless, drifting
yet so often
I am capable of making it
only a small percentage of my being
simply by acknowledging
our spirit is large and

I breathe in the rhetoric
I munch on it for a meal
I stomp on fear like a mosquito
I outgrow the grips of time

The illusion is everywhere
Right in front of our eyes
When we wake up
When we fall asleep
in between our toes like sand

even the coppers know it
deep down in their core,

One time
I was thrown to the ground & wrestled
treated like a rabid dog
manhandled &
I looked straight in those police eyes
as deep as I could dive
and said, We can handle this, like humans
Look. Brother look. We can be civil
but all I saw was darkness
no soul, only the emptiness of a machine
They slapped the cuffs on me
and slapped me with a fine
then sent me on my way
but I remember
In the holding cell
they poked a camera in my face
I couldn’t help but smirk
Don’t smile! they screamed
I can’t help it
You’re poking that dinky
digital camera
in my eye
And they huffed & gruffed
and snapped my photo
and we sat in silence
a slight tension
At one point
the one police
the one with machines in his eyes
he looks at me and says
I know about zen.
I couldn’t help but laugh
what absurdity
what contrast
but I realized
for a moment
he felt something

I’ve often had visions of culture
bolstered by the narrative of people
Speaking art and poems, music, a holy om
smashing the visage of statism
The time when, now, humans reappear
and take over the direction of history