Someone Needs To Dose The Water Supply With Acid So We Can All Start Seeing In Rainbows

I went to a queer poetry reading the other night. There were gay poets, latino poets, black poets, femme poets, white poets, & trans poets. So many wonderful spirits recounting a plethora of experiences, confronting bigotry, confronting racism, dealing with confusion, sadness, & anger at the hands of oppression.
It was dynamic.
It was dark.
It was inspiring.
I wish more people had a clue into these things, because it brings understanding to just sit & listen. To familiarize oneself with the unfamiliar. To make connections across boundaries. To cultivate sensitivity to the plight of others. To make space.

Disenfranchised people establishing rights & liberties need not be a scary thing. Really, it’s a beautiful thing. We are bearing witness to the complexifying nature of our species; our thought processes are becoming more & more complicated as reflected in the formation of unique, varying, & complex identities. And yet, it still remains so simple: this is being human. It’s a struggle across the board, but slowly, there’s sloughing off of what’s outmoded & crystallization of what’s future.