Thinning the veil


I’m drunk. I’ll admit it. Right off the bat. I drank four glasses of wine tonight and I’m drinking my fifth. I think. Maybe my sixth. At this point, it matters as much as it doesn’t. I’m going to wake up tomorrow and go about my day in a rather lackadaisical way. Like everyday. I’ll wake up and enjoy the morning: the sun, the sky, the clouds, the birds… But some mornings, some mornings are extra special. Some mornings have fog. Other mornings have rain. O! – I think it’s going to rain tomorrow. Oh oh oh. I can’t wait. I love the rain. With a passion.



Sometimes I have trouble distinguishing passion from obsession. They blend so easily.

I have a passion for creativity. Recently, I discovered Instagram… I hate to admit it, I’ve become obsessed with picture taking. A part of me says, “Hold back brother. Let your creativity build and only post your best.” Another part says, “Fuck it. Take as many pictures as you can, call it practice, post all of them, let them fly.” And the latter is exactly what I’m doing.

Of course I question myself: is this a lack of self-discipline? or, is this simply how I work?

Let’s change gears… fiercely.

This past Saturday I attended a local event in Collingswood. The night  was filled with glam rock at its best: big hair, David Bowie, cover bands, wigs, sparkles, lipstick, tights, capes, chest hair, etc. etc. dispersed sporadically amongst relative normality with hints of individuality.

After socializing for a bit, I felt a strong desire to go off on my own, explore, and take pictures. I entered a space so totally different from the glam rock theme… I found myself within the building’s origins: the light.darkness of the freemasons, the inherent tom-foolery of the devil.



(The above image contains a freemason mantra – laus deo custos arcani – which roughly translates to “praise god, guardian of the arcane.”)


I was drawn out of such depths by a friendly painter.tramp who playfully ridiculed me for getting lost in solitude amidst a social atmosphere. We talked for a bit until another friend whisked over and drew us out of our conversation into exploration. Naturally, we found an area above the general riffraff. Behind the curtains, so to speak.