sobering heartache

subconscious bandits, marketing perverts,
advertisement imperialists, exploiting deep listening
to rob us the ability to think below the surface
to see the emergence of wildness
blow thru the omnipotent bits of news
the fabricated apocalypse so tightly constructed
a chokehold on third eye esophagus

how many people are suffocating in unknown depression?
downward spiraling, shallow breaths
hearts bursting uncontrollable
the frantic tick of moments
unable to make sense of the passage of time
the lightning speed of language
the thoughts rolling in disaster after murder after police acquittal
the state playing joker, executioner
the political players swimming in blood money
unfeeling, unrepenting the call of nature
stuck accumulating greed
needing to consume and devour the poor

ignoring the righteous path
to share material visions
the caress of eros
lovemaking in forests
the moon shifting in slivers, tugging at bodies
the post-scarcity abundance, the socialist project
feeding the hungry
taking care of the elderly
housing, health,
no more war

the sky isn’t the sky anymore
it’s held up by wires and telephone poles
invisible currents, thought bubble webworks
the earth rocked over by concrete and brick
hidden like a fantasy

empathic insight obscured

puppets confounded, blind to the sacred
it’s not goddess, it’s science
strip away the mystery, no fucks given
we’re not human, we’re disposable cogs meaningless as stardust
tools to increase profits
fools that peel away the flesh
replaced by xenolinguistics, computer ballistics
the touch screens, you know what button to push
to touch, to rile up the people, to divide common sense
to subdue passion, wily, untamed,
angry, seething, desiring openly the destruction of systems
invisible yet clear as day
downpressing majority minorities

attempting to pray oneself out of misery

coming together to eat, to hug
to remind, to remember, to reconnect
to organize as anarchy, the unruly love
ripping out hair, lungs bursting screams
we deserve primal touch
the basics, necessities
time to be, space to create
to grow wilderness, health, gardens
to fuck in the middle of the day
to celebrate and mourn at leisure
no more toil, i want meaningful work & play

to fully express the entangled wondrous breath that gives life
that speaks truth in shadow when we are most vulnerable
like the thump in the chest, the pulse, boundaries unrolling
ripples that once deceived make sense
the silken threads of webs that glisten in rays after rain
the grin on a baby’s face

how much does it take to know the shit

have a drink, a good night’s rest
free from the sleepless phantasms
when the struggle feels weightless
when gratitude infuses
when it’s easy to awake for the sunrise
the colors, a hallucinogenic palette
absorbing, growing, breathing water
less of the ephemeral rhetoric

Thoughts on War & Voting

I watched part of the “extended debate” on DemocracyNow! with Jill Stein & Amy Goodman. It was pretty good. I liked the way they collaged it together, showing a clip from Hillary & Donald then cutting over to Jill Stein for her two minute response.

Watching the segment really solidified this thought for me: we’re missing & needing the call of third parties in this country. Specifically, restorative justice at home & anti-war sentiment abroad. But so many of us are getting caught in the tabloid culture of Trump. It’s so easy to get lost in the tit for tat. But we could be spending time reading up on the Greens or Libertarians or Vermin Supreme or who’s running for local elections.

Granted, on the large stage, Gary Johnson going blank here & there doesn’t help out. I won’t hold it against him as a person, but as a presidential hopeful, that’s a different story…

And what’s more, he was offered a spot on the extended debate with Jill Stein, but declined. Why? You would think a candidate of his nature would jump at the bit to get on Democracy Now! but I don’t know, maybe MSNBC & Cnn is where he feels comfortable? After all, he is historically a republican.

In any case, I suspect he & Jill could use the practice of a healthy third party debate turned discussion. I think America could use it too. It would bolster the growing interest diverging from the two party system. It would also educate us on different positions, simultaneously, they could work to find common ground. There’s no use having third parties that just fall into the pattern of democrat v republican, this v that, diametrically opposed philosophies.

If we want any chance of seeing new parties rise to the occasion, they actually need to find harmonious space in our consciousness, they actually need to be listened to & understood as thoroughly as we’re able to.

And to be clear, when it comes to this election & future presidency, I’m not looking to sway your vote one way or the other. I’m asking that when you do vote, don’t limit your conversation piece. Please do not just keep one eye on what’s good – & – close the other eye to what’s bad.

Because, for instance, Obama got the Nobel peace prize, but where is the peace? Whether you blame war on him, or Bush, or Hillary, or whoever, the fact of the matter is the US has a history of imperialist military conquest. We remember Vietnam, of course. But how many remember 9/11 in Chile when democratically voted president Allende was disposed of by a CIA-backed coup d’etat? And what about a similar instance in Guatemala? The list goes on. War is, sadly, too often hidden from the general public, or just straight up willfully ignored.

Noam Chomsky has this great analysis of the subversive way propaganda blinds us. He gives the phrase “Support Our Troops” as an example. When asked the question, Do you support the troops? The answer is so often, yes, of course I support the troops. But it masks a bigger question, Do you support the agenda?

$100 million has been set aside for a drone base in Niger. It pales in comparison to the $40 billion package recently given to Israel, but it is an investment in war nonetheless. Rest assured, the powers that be will attempt to sell this as “counterterrorism” for the sake of security. There is a strong likelihood it will wind up looking like Syria & actually spur on terrorism. With the knowledge of the drone base, we have to ask, When the Middle East is so totally devastated & blown out, will the larger sphere of war move to Niger next?

I don’t feign to have any answers, but one thing I do believe, awareness (& the lack thereof) is a powerful tool. It can be the difference between blind oppression and collectively rising.

To use an example from current events, the movement for Black lives & #RestorativeJustice has made its way into many places of conversation. Kaepernick’s protest has helped bring it to new levels of awareness – high school athletes are taking a knee, sports radio & tv are having the discussion too – but with that breach in awareness comes another argument & concern: Disrespect for the military…

And yet again, the question from earlier comes up, Do you support the troops? The answer is so often, yes, of course I support the troops. But it masks the larger question, Do you really support all lives?

People support Donald (among many other ludicrous reasons) because be speaks his mind. He’s a scumbag, but hey, at least he’s honest about it. A lot of people can relate to that. He’s so upfront with his thoughts, and so damn practiced at manipulating the conversation, it doesn’t matter what he says.

Donald is showing us an American personality trait to an extreme degree. That is why so many people love him. That is why so many people hate him. He is the embodiment of doing & saying what you want without a care in the world. He is the poster boy for giving no fucks. So long as he comes out on top, nothing else matters.

People will continue to stand by him, because he is quote-unquote a winner. He wins even when he loses track of his own words and spirals into contradiction. Why? Because he repeats over and over how he is a winner and everyone else is a loser. He doesn’t care what you think. He’ll say whatever he needs to keep himself in the spotlight.

That message is simple enough for people to get behind. Nothing else really matters. Foreign policy doesn’t matter, domestic policy, economic policy, none of that matters. He’s a showman. That’s what matters. The surface presentation. Did he knock down his opponent in whatever way possible? Did he win doing it?

He’s a bully. And that’s what America has been throughout the rest of the world for the past how many years? So, of course, he’s on top of the charts. Especially now, when entertainment value has so much power.

This is the warped reality we live in, where people celebrate violence & domination simply because it is part of the American story. People cling to those values, and are too frightened to shift in consciousness & leave their traditional foundations behind. So many are scared of losing their identity as America being the best. Even if that reality has been crumbling for years and years. They’ll stick to their guns and fight off the changing world until the bitter end.

For this reason, so many are susceptible to Donald’s unapologetic bravado. Look at me, I could be finishing a book I’ve been reading on the soul of shamanism, but no, I’m commenting on Donald. Why? Because it’s like looking into a mirror and seeing a strange bizarro land of America where the narcissism blinds people to any other mode of existence besides that of brute competition to stand out and win at all costs.

I’m fascinated by realities that are not necessarily mine, and continually, I try to disentangle them to understand what is beneath. But, I’m beginning to think there is nothing of depth to uncover, just a soul-sick country looking for a soul-sick leader to give them a sliver of credence for their soul-sick beliefs. This does warrant intricate healing, but to be honest, the answer may as well lie in the shifting of the planets and the lifespan of the stars.

It trips me out to no end.

The fervor & ignorance of this country has been lurking in the shadows for so long. And now it’s in broad daylight, brought forth by a guy whose family name used to be Drumpf. If he becomes president, America will not be great again, it will be the laughing stock of the rest of the world. People will look on in sadness as well. Oh, America, what happened? But that probably won’t matter to most; they’ll just take it as a sign that the world is jealous that dumpy Drumpf is the new president.

What a charade.