Psychedelify the atmosphere

Among the very tangible goals of releasing a book, printing up photos for craft fairs and art exhibits, continuing restoration on the park house where I live, and remaining dedicated to my yoga practice…

I’m very much interested in inspiring others to shed skins, break boundaries, and soul express.

semantics and definitions:

shed skins – to release built up, stuck emotions; transform memories from heavy burdens (baggage) into gems of lessons

break boundaries – try new things, consciously walk new paths

and ultimately this leads to soul expression:

how would you art yourself? through clothing? decorations? singing? dancing? painting? writing? ::: anything that simultaneously satisfies and reveals a deeper layer of your being

perhaps your

anima – inner woman
animus – inner man

are yearning to see the light of day

The word anima and even animus remind me of animal, but not just any animal, the divine animal, the primal nature, the thump and beat awakened within, the throb of passion, livelihood, and creation

I’ve been exploring my anima for quite some time. I’ve come to know her as a fierce warrior, related very much to the Indian goddess Kali. The anima within me is a jaguar priestess and huntress like Artemis. She is a sacred whore who works magic and healing utilizing and channeling sexual energy. She is a loner like a stray wolf.

I call her Jade Hart.

The animus within me is like a shaman, a trickster, a playful voodoo hoodoo magic man quite unlike any archetype I’ve hitherto known. He is a myth of his own.

I call him Jade Hart.

semantics and definitions:

jade – a precious stone, an imperial gem, royalty; a female name

hart – a male deer who matures after 5 years time, his antlers are his crown; a play on the word heart

In 2009 I put out my first book. Essentially, I’ve been spinning this art and poetry philosophy going on 5 years…

My 28th birthday is coming up this year as well, a very auspicious year in astrology, something I learned about and started gearing up for back when I was twenty-three, a rich and textured 5 years ago…

Suffice it to say,
I am very excited.

I hope to share as much as I can with y’all.

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